About the event

The Indie Game Shindig is a curated exhibition of games and a collection of talks by awesome game makers from around the world.

Hosted by the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, the first ever Indie Game Shindig is being held at its C4(Centre for Creative and Cultural Capital) campus inside KINFRA Film & Video Park, Kazhakkuttom, Trivandrum. Indie Game Shindig will be a curated collection of fabulous games from all over the world; it is a place to play, design and talk games; hear experts in the field share their experiences, knowledge and inspirations - the conference days are the 11th, 12th and 13th of Dec 2015. The exhibition and conference is free and open to all.

Your Curators

Shailesh Prabhu

Shailesh is an Indie Game Designer and the Founder of Yellow Monkey Studios in Mumbai.

Dr. Padmini Ray Murray

Padmini is an academic who works in the digital humanities, and more specifically on the role of cultural heritage and specificity in videogames.

Yadu Rajiv

Yadu is a game designer and developer. He teaches game design, narrative design and is a faculty of experimental media arts at Srishti.

About Srishti

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology is a non-residential institution founded in 1996 by the Ujwal Trust with the objective of providing art and design education in an environment of creativity to maximize the individual’s potential.The Ujwal Trust also manages Srishti's sister institution, the prestigious Mallya Aditi International School.

Srishti's mission is facilitated by its organizational structure – a “community of learners” comprising industry-experienced faculty and energetic students who continually explore and experiment with art and design pedagogies, aesthetics, values and innovative practices.

Your Speakers

Here are the speakers for the Indie Game Shindig 2015.

Gayathri Kodikal

Experimental Media Artist

Meg Jayanth

Game Writer

Rob Morgan

Game Writer

Shailesh Prabhu

Game Designer

Prof. Dr. Xenia Zeiler

South Asian Studies, University of Helsinki

Zainuddeen Fahadh

Artist & Games Designer - Ogre Head Studio

The Schedule

The exhibition opens on the 2nd of December with the inauguration of the new C4 - Center for Creative and Cultural Capital campus in Trivandrum. The conference days are 11, 12 and 13 of December. The Exhibition closes on the 13th of December 2015.

  • Day 1

  • Meg Jayanth

    11:00 - 11:45
    December 11

    Meg Jayanth will be introducing her multi-award winning game 80 Days, and take the audience through her narrative and creative process in creating this incredible ground-breaking game.

  • Rob Morgan

    12:00 - 12:45
    December 11

    Rob Morgan will outline some of the new storytelling tools afforded by the new wave of interfaces from VR to Augmented Reality and beyond, and discuss which of the tried-and-tested rules of storytelling still hold good in this brave new world.

  • Day 2

  • Shailesh Prabhu

    11:00 - 11:45
    December 12

    Shailesh Prabhu, one of India’s foremost independent game developers, will be talking about his experiences as a creator and player of independent games, and why indie games matter, right here, right now.

  • Gayatri Kodikal

    12:00 - 12:45
    December 12

    Gayatri Kodikal is currently being funded by the Indian Foundation of the Arts to create a board game simulating 17th century Velha Goa, when the Georgian Queen's relics arrived, which weaves historical anecdotal narratives into the colonial expansion and decline of Old Goa. She will speak about this, as well as a videogame prototype of the game which will comprise her next project.

  • Zainuddeen Fahadh

    17:00 - 17:45
    December 12

    Zainuddeen will be covering on how to take advantage of using randomly generated features in a game instead of the general linear method that people usually go for. How randomness can increase the replay-ability, fun factor and some of it's pros and cons. Furthermore, it will be about how to effectively use random features without breaking your head or game design.

  • Day 3

  • Xenia Zeiler

    11:00 - 11:45
    December 13

    Dr Zeiler will be speaking about console games produced in India, and their reception internationally and in India. She will also be exploring their narratives and the 'Indian characteristics' evident in aesthetics, narrative and language of the games.

  • GoodBye

The new Srishti campus in Trivandrum is located Near Sainik School, Chantavila,Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum, Kerala. It is approximately 11 KM from the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and 16 KM from the Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station

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